Monday, 24 April 2023

Being the underdog is there such a thing?

I got the idea of writing this blog watching the Semi finals of the FA cup, Sheffield United vs Manchester City and Manchester United vs Brighton. Whenever I watch these sorts of games I will support the team less likely to win, when actually they have every chance. A lot of the time when it comes to football as there are always surprises and any teams can have a bad day, its anyone's game especially when it comes to cup football as anyone can win it. 

I do have a team I support, please no judgement, it is Chelsea, but I like watching the smaller clubs do well because it can be so much more inspiring because it is, "Well they did it why can't we?" and gives hope and shows that "Football is a funny old game", a quote by the wonderful footballer Jimmy Greaves who is sadly not with any more, but who was a local boy who made his name playing for Tottenham Hotspurs and England. 

Many say that "There is no such thing as an underdog" and I used to believe that but there is and it doesn't mean they don't stand a chance but they have to deliver extra and climb a lot more hurdles to be a success and many clubs like Chelsea, who have had huge success for a long time, have had bad spells, like this season and not always been top high flying club. They have had to rebuild themselves a lot and then we by winning the FA Cup, Winning the Premiership and the Champions League, became one of the big teams.

I remember when Chelsea played Manchester United in the FA Cup final in 1994 and it had been 30 years since we won the FA Cup and because of Manchester United Success was the underdog and we got beat. I was I remember adamant that we'd win but we were over taken but it didn't means we didn't stand a chance, no we gave a good fight but Manchester United were class and became champions and they over took the League and the FA Cup and Europe and so it meant that other clubs especially smaller clubs had to step up otherwise they were defeated. Yet they did get beat by Southampton 6-1 and I remember listening to the game on the radio with my dad and we thought when they gave out the score thought they had made a mistake but no Southampton took over and shows that don't worry if you are the underdog you can still make a difference and become champions. 

If you show up and have self belief you can overcome the underdog status and make it big.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X  

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