Friday, 13 March 2020

Feeling Suicidal

Before I begin this blog if you feel this is too uncomfortable for you to read then don't feel you need to, but I feel it is a subject I need to talk about. Suicide is a raw subject to people because it is a personal experience that unless you feel it no one knows those feelings, and may feel uncomfortable with the subject.

There are many people who have tempted or have taken their own life, we don't know the reasons but being there myself my only description is the words "Rock Bottom" you feel completely helpless, worthless and vulnerable to the world.

You feel as if you can't do anything else and the whole world is against you. If you feeling suicidal then you need to follow these words: CARE, FEEL, SHOUT

  • CARE = It is time to take care of yourself and you need to speak out immediately, and take yourself away from the situation
  • FEEL= If you need let it all out then do, once I cry it is out of my system and I picture it in front of me I do feel a lot better, and write it down if you need to. Writing and having a great army of people around me to give me support is a must, even if it is one or two people
  • SHOUT = Call for help and don't feel silly in anyway, and get help immediately

It is a serious subject and not one to avoid. It isn't a selfish act as people think it is, but one that should be listened to as often it is a cry for help.

So if you feel suicidal then do not feel alone because you are not and get help immediately.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

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