Sunday, 1 March 2020

Using Laughter as a Sauce of Medicine

Have you ever had a bad day or been caught off guard, watching TV and something has made you feel so much better and made you laugh out loud?
Using laughter as a sauce of medicine is a great way to help build confidence and make you feel so much stronger within yourself.

As a kid I grew up watching comedy as my dad would always have it on. One of the first comedies I ever watched was Steptoe and son, now if my mum reads this she won't be impressed as it was not her sort of humour, but for me it was a great comedy.

It tells a sad story based on a father and son, who were rag and bone men, and so wore broke most of the time, but it was made into a comedy, to show the funny side of the relationship. 

It is all to do with the gag and timing, and what made it funny was the way Harold interacted and would moan at his father, and they were constantly even though they loved each other would try and get one over one another.

I like to write blogs that aren't just serious but also about the things that make me laugh out loud too, and the one blog that springs to mind is one I wrote about Using Empowerment and Inspiration when it's just not your day  It was taking the mickey out of myself but also mainly speaking of the same contents, because when we laugh Endorphin's are released, which leads us to feel empowered because we have been in similar situation and we can relate to it.

When we can laugh at situations it can create a different picture. So next time someone tries to wind you up, mean throw a hurt at you, give them a different look. Not literally of course, but in your head, and take 5 minutes to really picture it and increase from the actual image of that person, and trust me you will feel a whole lot better.

Same with images of when we have been embarrassed too as I bet like having your skirt tucked into your pants has happened to many, it is so bad? Not really it is an easy mistake and so laughter is the best sauce of medicine and now they use laughter as part of therapy aswell.

So if you are feeling though and you need a good old laugh then stick that film or TV show on and have a fashioned laugh out loud, and trust me you will feel a whole better.
Let me know what comedies you loved as a kid or recently I would love to know. Leave a comment below.

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