Friday, 27 March 2020

Self doubt and Being stuck in a rut

Today I wanted to post about self doubt and being stuck in a rut, because we can often feel like that on occasions and if you are in remission and self isolating due to COVID 19 virus then we can feel bored and stuck not having anywhere to go.

Let me tell you YOU ARE NOT ON YOUR OWN in fact it can lead us to feel anxious and overwhelmed when we have so much to do, now is the time to get the little things done to help us get ourselves out of the way we think and feel.

I wrote a blog yesterday on my related site about:

10 Daily Habits of successful people

As you can still carry on doing daily habits to help make you feel fulfilled and a purpose. That is the key to feeling good about ourselves is feeling like we have a purpose in life and things to achieve.

My writing is my sanctuary along with my family of course and my music, and I wouldn't live without these things and what keep me going.

Try and make everyday count even if you are isolated you can still,
  • Journal 
  • Tidy and deep clean an area
  • Decorate if you have some paint left over in your home 
  • Give a room a free make over by getting kids to do arts and crafts
  • Write a novel I love writing and challenge yourself to see how may words you can write by timing yourself throughout the day
  • Write a blog too, I love to blog if you haven't guest and what keeps me from going insane
  • Clear the computer files you've been meaning to do 
  • Have a self care day 
So lets get ourselves out of the rut and get things done help us keep the energy we need to keep thriving in life and be a success in whatever we choose to do.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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