Sunday, 10 May 2020

Ten Tips on how to create Happiness

Hello and welcome to another blogpost on this site. 

Here are 10 tips on how to create happiness:

1. Make the most of every day. If you had one day to live what would you do? To me is spending it with people that I love, going to a concert or a soccer match and letting my hair down.
2.    Find you niche. So what creates good energy and makes you want to get up in the morning.
3.    Find your smile. When we smile it automatically releases endorphins and can be contagious.
4.    Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. I have struggled with the way I look, but now I will have a good old look at myself and see that, “I’m not so bad after all”.
5.    Being content. For me that is writing or sitting in the garden reading or listening to a book.
6.    Practice gratitude. I schedule time to journal in my gratitude book and really helps get rid of the cobwebs and feel good about life
7.    Give a compliment. If you see someone wearing a nice dress or pair of shoes for example let them know, as this will make them happy and in turn make you happy too.
8.    Create a happiness journal. I have one and love to get it out and write about an event I went to which was a success or even on a day out somewhere. This is a great thing to create as you can make it into a photo journal.
9.    Create a happiness board. This similar to above and creating a vision, but this will be a board with photos, a picture of your favourite dress, a flower from your garden, anything that makes you happy
  10. Have a worry pot. So it’s like having a mindfulness pot, with happy messages, well you can do one for your worries and then at the end of the week go through them and ask yourself, was it worth the worry? Did everything turn out okay?

  Many thanks for reading, 

  Carrie X 

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