Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Understanding the mind and gaining control

I at the moment doing a Life Coaching Programme called "The Summer Project 2022" to help you have a better Summer and a better life, so please check out my blog linked here:

What I will do is to add this blog linked to the above blog site as part of my programme, and to my Pinterest Pin to share whilst I do this project.

So, this blog is all about Understanding the mind and gaining control, and to do that you need to sit down and spend sometime of where you are feeling now today, but also go through assets you have, example, you like your Living room but there is a room you hate going into because it may be messy and you are trying to avoid it and feel overwhelmed every time you go in there. I would avoid my bank account, but to gain control I now check it everyday and give myself a target now of how much I want to save each month and this has made me worrying about my finances a lot less. 

This can effect how we feel and our mind, as it makes us feel low because we can't get ourselves together to sort this room out or any area in your life you are wanting to ignore, but you want to get in touch with. 

I wrote a book about how to make one change a day in your life on amazon, and just making one a change can still make all he difference, rather than allow to dictate your feelings and your mind.

The other thing to do is to separate items into categories, but if this is too much then just put one item in the box and just do one category at a time. If you not liking your appearance then check out your clothes perhaps they aren't your style and I find I do this, I go buy price rather than what benefit this item will have one me. 

If you feel slumped it is because you just need to do a makeover and revamp your closet. 

What gives you value? and what items and fashion suit you. If you can afford why not get a stylist and watch Trinny London and Melissa Murrell they do a lot of videos to styling and its that simple and the mind when it sees mess creates mess into your life but once you start gradually making changes can help the mind feel at piece and will get control of it, rather than feeling low because you life is chaotic, and not a good rhythm.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Typical London Gal   

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