Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Truth About Growing Up

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When it comes to confidence the struggles with it can grow with you as you go from a child to an adult and new insecurities can surface, example celulite, having children and whether you will ever meet the man of your dreams. 

As a child I was instantly unsure about myself and took me a long time to find out who I really was, and discover what I was good at.

The truth about growing up is that when puberty hits and for me it was quite early on in my childhood that it all began, from the age of nine and upwards, hormones began to kick in, making me paranoid about having big boobs, still carrying puppy fat and being petite.

Being small has had it prejudices like people even when you become an adult treat you like a child, don't take you seriously and comment on your height.

Jokes about my size no longer bother me and I will often joke about it myself.
When growing up you do feel pressure from your peers and I felt for some time inadequate and different to other girls my age.

I was never one to have a lot of boyfriends, and didn't really date anyone until I reached my late teens and twenties.

Body confidence isn't something you instantly gain but can be a slow process and when you do find the thing that sparks energy and happiness about yourself can be hard to hold on to.

One thing that has helped me is helping those less fortunate, like when I met my pen friend Sammy who was in a wheelchair and how full of life she was, opened my eyes to the fact that I have nothing to complain about.

I can walk without needing support and I have all my limbs, can see and hear, so what do I have to moan about?

Also practicing gratitude and achieving things like the Great North Run, helped build my confidence to show what I really am capable of when I put my mind to it.

So if you feel low look around you and write down everything you are grateful for and this can have a real impact on how you feel about yourself.

Plus do something spontaneous that you have always wanted to do and take yourself out of normality as when we do the same thing all the time, this can lead us to having low self esteem, because we can get stuck in a rut.

Set yourself goals to helping you be more confidence in yourself, like giving yourself a makeover which with all the choices we have now is easy, especially as some of us are still in lockdown.

The one thing I have started to do as I was feeling unhappy with myself is started doing lots of walking again to hopefully lose some weight again, last week was a low week for me, but since beginning my fitness regime again, I am starting to feel a whole lot better with myself.

So take a long look at yourself, and realise that you are an incredible person and ignore those who think  you are not. 

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X 

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